If you just want to tell a story, go find Robert McKee (he's awesome!).


If you want your story, your brand, your project or your business to survive in an age of fragmentation, distraction, over-stimulation and commoditization and become bigger than you've ever imagined, you're gonna to need a new strategy. You're going to need a Super Story.  


That's what we do.

Transmedia Storytellers & Brand Architects in Los Angeles

The world has changed. Technology has changed. Distribution channels have changed. The way audiences interact with media, brands and entertainment has changed. Supply has changed. Demand has changed. The global marketplace has changed.  Business models have changed. 

For the first time in history, entertainment has become commoditized. Tech companies are pushing in and, armed with different business models, are quickly becoming the major players in the industry. Sadly, far too many professionals remain the same, using the same historical tactics and the strategies from years past.

We see where this change is headed and want to meet audiences and consumers there — not where they were ten, five or even two years ago.


The entertainment industry needs a new way forward.  


And that new way is Super Story. 

About Our Philosophy

We are storytellers at our core. Storytellers who are experienced in traditional Hollywood and consumer brands — film, television, publishing, music, branding, education and more. However, despite our traditional roots, we want our stories and our brands to be experienced and consumed by audiences in an entirely new way — the way they now demand. 

We don’t just think outside the box — we destroy the box altogether, rebuild it and present it to an audience in a way they’ll never forget. 


Think about this — 


In 1977, two movies with similar subject matter, similar budgets and similar target markets were released. Close Encounters of the Third Kind did well and was just a really good movie. Star Wars, however, became a $50 billion brand. What’s the difference? On a broad level, Close Encounters of the Third Kind is a story, but Star Wars is a Super Story. 

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"The lightbulb wasn't invented by the continuous improvement of the candle."



First and foremost, we are called to create original multi-platform projects that use the SuperStory model to impact and influence the world in a great way.

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At One 3 Creative, we have three very specific ways we like to do business and bring the Super Story model to the world.



We're committed to educating as many people as humanely possible - from the collegiate, high school to professional levels - on how to leverage the benefits of the SuperStory model.

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Do you have a project or brand that you would like us to help you extend across platform? We love parachuting in and making sure your venture is both 21st century compliant and ROI positive.

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"Human beings are unique in our ability to achieve the impossible. Elephants don’t do it.  Bugs don't.  Trees don't either.  It's us humans who say, 'We don't care that we live in a world where everything falls; let’s make things fly.'  Chasing down impossibility is one of the most humans things we can do - and the most visionary creators live this every single day."

Houston Howard, You're Gonna Need a Bigger Story 

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