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We love to talk.

We have been blessed with the opportunity to keynote a variety of events around the world, speaking about the power of Super Story. Some of these events include:


  • Television Academy of Arts and Sciences (start at 20:00)

  • The National Association of Broadcasters

  • Producers Guild of America

  • Storyworld Los Angeles

  • Transvergence Summit

  • NINC Conference for Novelists

  • Beijing International Film Festival

  • London Screenwriting Festival

  • The Greenhouse Arts & Media Spotlight Series

  • PG Connects Digital Video Game Conference

  • Storyworld Quest

  • Act One Producers Program

  • Greater Los Angeles Writers Conference 

  • The Big Story Conference

  • The Great American Pitchfest

  • Gospel Meets Hollywood

  • The Urban Network

  • LAFS Transmedia Speaker Series

  • Art Center College of Design

  • Los Angeles Film School

  • Cal State Northridge

  • Lipscomb University

  • Liberty University


If you're interested in us providing a keynote, a workshop, a presence on a panel or anything in between, please reach out and we'll do what we can to accommodate.

you can watch this one!


Super Story Tip: If you're a entertainment producer, build your entertainment brand the way an entrepreneur builds a consumer brand and you'll approach it with a completely different hustle and grind.

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