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We can help you with your project.

Whether you're a screenwriter, producer, songwriter, novelist or game publisher, we love to parachute in and help creators ideate, strategize, design, develop and execute a narrative and brand strategy that is 21st century compliant. Our team of Super Story architects, transmedia producers, writers, brand managers, world-builders and technologists can help you at any stage of development from early stage development to post-distribution scalability. 

At the end of the day, whether you're a filmmaker, novelist, music producer or playwright, you're launching a brand. And, in the midst of the most hyper-competitive, over-saturated, commoditized market in the history of Planet Earth, brand matters more than ever before. Trust us, after technology has been democratized and the internet disrupts everything, the only thing left is brand. 

Think about it like this:  You set up a lemonade stand in your neighborhood and you're the only stand in town. Fantastic. You can charge $2.00 a cup and use the lemons from the lemon tree in your backyard. The next day, there's another lemonade stand, but that's okay because you feel like you can add a touch more sugar and out-punch the other guy. The next day there are two more. Now you, cut your price to $1.50 and actually go the store to buy some better lemons. The next day there are ten more. You cut your price to a buck and are going to the hipster organic market for those choice lemons. Then you go one day and there are a thousand new stands in your neighborhood.

It seems life has give you lemons (pun intended).

We're not telling you not to make lemonade. If you were put on this earth to make lemonade, you need to make lemonade until the day you die, but don't you realize that you have to approach everything differently? Marketing alone isn't going to do it. A great product alone isn't going to do it.

You need a comprehensive strategy that holistically impacts and synergizes story development, pre-awareness, execution, and distribution. You need a way to build lasting and sustained community. You need a way to impact both people's minds and their hearts. You need the best way to compete in a commoditized market - brand.

And we help you do that.

Every project is different, so we make sure we're light and efficient enough to come in where ever you are the process and cater our consulting to what best suits you and your project. 

Branded Non-Fiction Content 

Using your thematic foundation and your project's "Soapbox," content such as podcasts, blogs and article, vlogs and professional development book give even more entry points into the brand as well as a meaningful connection to the brand purpose.  

Diversified Entertainment Engine

We will generate a comprehensive, multi-dimensional creative architecture that maximizes your IP's story potential and fuels cross-platform opportunities.

Consumer Products 

and Services

Going one step past simple merchandising, this gives the brand more revenue potential, scalability, additional entry points for a variety of demographics and, above all, tangibility.

Social Impact

We help make your project more than just "popcorn" entertainment by using its "Soapbox" and brand message to make a meaningful impact in its community.    



Wait...are you just marketing people?

No, above all we're experienced, entertainment-focused storytellers - screenwriters, music producers, authors, podcasters and technologists.

However, you know as well as we do that there are storytellings who know how to tell stories, but don’t know business - especially show business. Instead of finding an intersection between the two, too many storytellers remain comfortable with this disconnect, which results in a massive (and damaging) Khazad- dûm-sized chasm between the art and the business, a lack of synergy and too many lost opportunities


This is why we focus on an approach that integrates worldbuilding, narrative strategy, character development and plot with marketing, merchandising and ancillary revenue streams from inception. From creation and execution of all facets of the life of the project to coordinating and guiding all functions for maximum story impact and revenue generation, we provide a rich model that serves both the project’s entertainment and business needs.

Super Story is our unique method of transmedia that employs a business-centric creative approach and uses an extremely defined, replicable, scalable process. Our creative team takes all the elements, ideas and strategies that can propel a concept to franchise-status and bake them into the cake from the beginning.


Drawing on our experience building both traditional entertainment franchises and designing immersive transmedia strategies, we’ve developed a propriety system of where we can deepen the experience of a story, drive additional revenue and increase the project’s shelf life. What not have your cake and eat it too?

Super Story Tip: Do any of your characters produce content?  If so, actually produce the content as if they were real.  If they are an author in the story, you can write their book.  If they are a podcaster, produce the podcast.  If they are a musician, create and release the music.

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