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We like to write books.

A new age of storytelling has begun and the way media is consumed is radically different than just a decade ago.  Today's "digital natives are growing up in a connected world and they are not only changing what is possible, but they are also rewriting the rulebook on how professional storytellers can engage them. 


So, what do storytellers do in an era of connectivity and distraction?  


Go big. Go really stinkin’ big. 


Go so big that no matter where people turn or what kind of media they consume, their story is there ready to be told in a meaningful, 21st century way.  Our books are for any type of storyteller - screenwriters, novelists, playwrights, video game designers - and  sets forth a variety of soup-to-nuts creative processes that help generate ideas that have the architecture needed to survive in today’s media landscape.

As a part of our ongoing initiative to educate as many people as we can on how to effectively ideate, develop, build and execute a 21st century, multi-platform Super Story, we have committed to publishing ten books in ten years on a wide range of topics. Don't worry. Nothing is rooted in lofty intellectualism or academia. Just like us, all of our books are extremely practical and tactical field guides for creatives.

We hope you enjoy are current releases.

You're Gonna Need a Biger Workbook
Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 2.57.09 PM.png

“These transmedia storytelling techniques are invaluable for every type of story. Indeed, Houston Howard’s discussion of high concept, and analysis of story setting, are worth the price of admission alone. And there’s much, much more. Read on. Write on.”

John L. Geiger

“If you read just one industry book a year, this year you should read Houston Howard's book. Howard holds the profession of writing in higher regard than many. He understands both the art and the craft, and he lets the reader dream about building a legacy, which is why most of us write.”


Mary J. Schirmer

"Yes, Houston Howard's book walks you through architecting your world, structuring your narrative, and all that other good stuff. But the best part of this book is that it's so packed with cool ideas, new ways of engaging audiences and exploring stories, it makes you want to quit reading and just go make stuff!"

Chad Gervich

“Finally! This book is a concise resource for how to create media that is focused, well thought out, and marketable. No more 'tid bits' of truths scattered here and there sending you on endless searches and pass/fail experiences. Houston Howard has delivered the mother load of information on what to do, how to do it, and where to take it from here."


Mark Kudlow

Super Story Tip: Make all of your characters - supporting, background, etc. - as interesting as your protagonist.  If you take the time to develop all your characters as if they can be the hero of their own story, then you've automatically increased the story potential of your IP. 

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