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Whatchoo talking about?

A Super Story is much more than just a single story; much bigger than a single movie.  At its most fundamental level, a Super Story is a storytelling model that takes advantage of every available creation tool, delivery platform, design medium and distribution method to have an IP not just exist — but thrive — in an entirely new way. 


By actually designing the central idea and stories of the Super Story with proprietary creative architecture,  we can not only optimize a story for 21st Century expansion and exploration, but simultaneously create an unforgettable, “never-go-dark” experience for an audience. 

Each medium and platform has a new and unique story — not simply a single repurposed story like in the antiquated franchises of last century.  Each story is specifically designed to incentivize exploration; leading fans to each subsequent offering and creating an living, breathing eco-system of entertainment that provides a new experience every step of the way.

The Super Story is then strategically tailored to fit the creative, production and distribution needs of both the project itself and the various partners involved.  Specifically, the Super Story will be diversified into a variety of components that will play different, but specific roles in the overall success of the project. 

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