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We are called to create. 

We teach, we consult on outside projects, but above all, we're creators ourselves.  

The Shakers have a philosophy of furniture-making that states:

“Make every product better than it’s ever been done before. Make the parts you cannot see as well as the parts you can see. Use only the best materials, even for the most everyday items. Give the same attention to the smallest detail as you do to the largest. Design every item you make to last forever.”

That’s the kind of work we engage in at One 3 Creative when we build our Super Stories. In fact, we consider ourselves architects and craftsmen just as much as we are storytellers, because we build intricate, emotional machines that don’t just entertain, but connect and engage.

Throughout history, the paradigm of a craftsman has represented man’s ability to create — physically, creatively, and intellectually. In fact, we believe we don’t just have the ability to create, but are hardwired and called to create to add to the world. Patterned after the Great Creator, we are homo faber — man the creator. Instead of just passively consuming and allowing the world to shape his life, the craftsman creates and proactively shapes and influences it. Ancient philosophers, both in the East and in the West, have used the craftsman as a symbol of someone who contributes to his or her community in an impactful way.

It seems as if over time, the connotation of the craftsman has solely become a picture of a lumberjack or a mason, toiling away with his tools in a workshop. The Greeks, however, had much more of an inclusive idea of the craftsman. In addition to potters, carpenters and masons, they included doctors, legislators, administrators, even parents — anything that required great care and attention to detail. Among that list, they also included — you guessed it — storytellers; primarily storytellers who told stories focused on engaging the community in a powerful way.

When it comes to building Super Stories, we consider ourselves 21st century craftsmen, creating projects that will be compliant with today's marketplace while simultaneously leaving an indelible impression in the world. Below are a few of our Super Stories we have in active development. 



You know how when you hear a song, it "takes you back" to high school? Well, what if it actually did?

The Speed of Time is an near future where sense-based time travel is considered a luxury industry and is highly regulated by the government.  



Did you know that the Lone Ranger was actually black? Did you know Paul Revere didn't ride alone? Did you know that hockey was invented by black slaves?

Black Empower is a look at the most empowering, though untold, stories in African American history.




Did you know that ancient Israel had cities that you could run to if you committed a crime and if you got there before you were captured, you could live freely inside the city's walls as a free man?

City of Refuge is a small, country town full of big city criminals who are living there under a new sanctuary law passed in the U.S.


Super Story Tip: Identify all the unanswered questions in your story and answer them in a different medium.  If you do it well, the answer to the question naturally becomes the additive comprehension that incentivizes the migration of the audience.

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