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One 3 Productions Presents The Story Builders Academy

One 3 Productions Presents The Story Builders Academy

Story Builders Academy is an engaging and immersive writing community, project and module that provides a rich and varied context for high school students to acquire, develop and apply a broad range of knowledge, understanding and skills.

By teaching students practical Hollywood writing techniques and approaching writing as "building", this project allows student to approach writing from a completely different standpoint, to think creatively and critically, to solve problems and to realize that given the right process, everyone can engage in writing and ultimately defeat the dreaded blank page.

With a philosophy firmly rooted in the belief that, given the proper approach and environment, all students have the capacity for quality creative output, One 3 Productions has helped design this cross-curricular educational project that helps students overcome the intimidation of creative writing, while simultaneously making career connections that allow the students to witness how the creative process can be applied in the real world.

One 3 Productions wants to offer a sense of hope to students who believe theyʼre not creative and in the renewal of the critical role that creativity and imagination can play in cultivating innovation in schools. Because creativity is an important disposition that can be nurtured or discouraged, the proposed creative project will look at methods of promoting this critical element of thought and stimulating innovative ideas in a context that blends multiple creative and business disciplines.

By bringing together a diverse group of creative processionals, thinkers and artists who will work hand-in-hand with the students, share their ideas and experiences and teach their creative process, One 3 Productions hopes to promote an exchange of ideas that will result in an enterprising set of new understandings.

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