INNOV8 Hollywood operates on one simple philosophy: to provide high-quality, uniquely tailored academic programs and cultural immersion experiences for international study abroad students. 


INNOV8 Hollywood provides comprehensive support through each step of the study abroad experience, from the beginning of the application process to the students’ return to their home countries. 


While many study aboard programs place international students in the back of a classroom where they merely observe a course already in progress, INNOV8 Hollywood puts the complete focus on the needs of our study abroad participants. In addition to valuable interaction with American students, the international participants will gain practical skills that will both enhance their employability and enrich their media education – right in the heart of Hollywood! 

A study abroad trip with INNOV8 Hollywood is more than just an academic experience — it’s a life experience!  Unlike other programs, we connect students with established industry professionals who will share invaluable, practical skills culled from many years of working on real-world industry projects. These professionals have spent time in the trenches and understand the inner workings of the Hollywood system. 


Our team of educators will teach our study abroad students how to create cutting-edge IP like Hollywood insiders — based on transmedia principles unique to the American entertainment model — while simultaneously tailoring these concepts to meet the specific and idiosyncratic needs of the industry in the students’ home countries. 


INNOV8 Hollywood offers a beautiful balance of academics, industry practicality, and cultural immersion — setting a new standard for short term, study-abroad programs.


As a partner with the Los Angeles Film Studies Center — an institution that has specialized in study-abroad programs for nearly 20-years — INNOV8 Hollywood will give students access to a full range of resources that are the hallmark of a true Hollywood immersion. Students will enjoy hands-on experience as they learn and explore with industry professionals, American students, and our nurturing INNOV8 Hollywood faculty.


With the rapid changes in technology, hyper-connectivity, and audience behavior, new strategies to create and deploy various forms of entertainment are constantly being introduced within today’s media landscape. The heart of INNOV8 Hollywood’s curriculum explores bold new strategies, while it arms students with a cutting-edge approach to 21st century entertainment design.  


Whether it’s Film Production, Screenwriting, Acting, Modeling, Large-Scale IP Development, or International Business, INNOV8 Hollywood will prepare all of its study abroad students for today’s industry, giving them the competitive edge that will place them well ahead of the competition in their countries of origin.



Film Production explores the technical aspects of Visual Storytelling and the Filmmaking Process, such as Cinematic Grammar, Camera Operation, Lens Choice, Formatting, Lighting, and Editing, as well as various methods related to Composition and Subject Modeling in order to tell stories in effective ways. Additionally, this track will cover American Filmmaking Ideology, Semiotics and Signification, Mise-en-Scene, Hollywood Film Style, the significance and characteristics of Film Form, Narrative Structure and POV, and Introduction to Genre.


Screenwriting for Film and Television analyzes American Film and Television Screenplay Structure, Narrative Dramatic Strategies, Script Formatting, and the fundamentals of Visual Storytelling. Through practical exercises and workshopping sessions, students will create original material while navigating the various stages of the screenwriting process.


Music Production and Songwriting will introduce students to the uses, concepts, techniques, and terminology of computing through music applications.  Additionally, students will learn the American songwriting and production techniques needed in today’s marketplace.


Entertainment Business provides students the opportunity to research and explore American Entertainment Business Models and create a detailed and sophisticated Business Plan and Prospectus that can be used to attract real-world investors. The fundamentals of IP, Copyright Law, Investment Strategies, Deck-Building, Branding, and Marketing will be examined.

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Transmedia Design immerses students in the practice of designing, sharing, and participating in a cohesive story experience across multiple traditional and digital delivery platforms. Students will learn how to create sustainable 21st Century entertainment such as the Marvel universe, Harry Potter, Transformers and Star Wars.


Post-Production examines the American post-production process for Film and Television. Topics include Picture and Sound Editing Processes; Non-Linear Editing of single and multi-camera programs; Special Visual Effects; the impact of Sound -- from Music Scoring to Effects Design; Budgeting, Scheduling, and Deliveries; and High-Definition Television and its impact on both Feature and Television Post-Production.


Acting will introduce students to the essential principles and techniques governing the actor’s process, including text analysis, scene preparation, character development, performance, as well as a working methodology for personal creative growth, realization of a scene, and an examination of both the actor’s vocabulary and the production process.


Modeling prepares students to present and display fashion, apparel, and accessories in both wholesale and retail settings, either on-person or via props in natural, theatrical, and artificial settings. The fundamentals of runway performance and the fashion shoot will be explored.

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Cultural Immersion focuses on deep contact and meaningful interaction with American culture, connecting students to the complex environment, way of life, attractions, activities, sights, sounds, and traditions of the local geography and population.

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By having a wide-ranging and versatile list of educational tracks — all of which can be uniquely designed for each group’s specific needs — INNOV8 Hollywood allows institutions to tailor their students’ educational experience to meet their particular interests and level of education. The INNOV8 Hollywood team will be happy to mix and match courses that will create an unparalleled study-abroad experience that both challenges and inspires your students – exceeding their expectations and providing them with memories for a lifetime.


What length of study will most benefit your students — one week, two weeks, three weeks, a month?  The INNOV8 Hollywood team is excited to work directly with each institution to ensure the term fits perfectly with its needs and budget. 

The best part of this educational and cultural immersive experience is the students will return home with real-life, practical skills that will set them apart in a sea of competition! 


With our unique mix and delicate balance of seasoned educators and industry professionals, INNOV8 Hollywood is continually up-to-date on the demands of the industry, the advances of real-world technologies, and the most exciting cutting-edge strategies.  


Students will learn firsthand from working industry professionals who have worked on a wide range of high-profile, international entertainment.


The curriculum for each track is built upon our signature framework, the Eight Pillars of Entertainment.  These pillars serve as the foundation for every aspect of entertainment.




The total investment to send a student to INNOV8 Hollywood will depend on the length of the term:








The investment will cover the educational tuition of the student, who in turn will receive:


  • Opening ceremonies.

  • Approximately, 35 hours of immersive education per week in their field of interest taught to them by seasoned educators.

  • Access to industry professionals for structured guidance and insight.

  • Off-campus excursions to relevant Los Angeles attractions.

  • Digital learning media and academic materials.

  • Official certificate of completion.

  • Closing ceremonies.


We understand that studying abroad has both challenges and rewards, and it’s our goal to support every student who attends INNOV8 Hollywood every step of the way to ensure that this investment in their future pays off in amazing ways.

One Week

$1195.00 USD per student

Two Weeks

$2295.00 USD per student

Three Weeks

$3295.00 USD per student

Four Weeks

$4095.00 USD per student

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One of the best ways to for a study abroad student to experience Los Angeles is by visiting its incredible cultural attractions.  Working directly with each group, we ensure that every student receives a balance of innovative in-class education and immersive off-campus excursions by allowing the groups to choose how they want to experience the “entertainment capital of the world.” 


Examples of these dynamic excursions may include unforgettable trips to: 

  • Universal Studios

  • Downtown Hollywood

  • Warners Brothers Studio

  • Sony Picture Studios

  • Paramount Pictures Studios

  • Paley Center for Media

  • The Getty Center

  • Santa Monica 

  • The Original Farmers Market

  • Venice Beach

  • The Hollywood Hills Celebrity Tour

  • Picnic Hike at Vasquez Rocks

  • Malibu Wine Safari 

  • Joshua Tree Day Trip and Hike

  • Paddleboard Excursions

  • Vortex Immersion


In addition to the above list, the INNOV8 Hollywood staff will help arrange tours of local universities for the students, such as University of Southern California, UCLA, Loyola Marymount, California Institute of Technology, and Pepperdine University. 


INNOV8 Hollywood has assembled a dynamic team of faculty members who are celebrated filmmakers, media makers, and scholars whose careers and work have garnered the highest accolades of their field. Furthermore, it’s important to balance the working Hollywood professionals with academic professionals who understand the nuances of secondary education.


The following members represent just a select few of the faculty students will interact with during a study aboard experience at INNOV8 Hollywood.



Michael currently serves as Department Chair of Liberal Arts across all Programs at The Los Angeles Film School, and is an Adjunct Professor of Film Studies at Santa Monica College.   He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Acting from the University of Southern California, his Masters Degree in Creative Writing from Boston University, and his Ph.D. in Theatre Studies from the City University of New York Graduate Center. 


Michael has taught Ancient Greek Theatre, Major Playwrights Seminars, and Introduction to Theatre Studies at N.Y.U.'s Tisch School of the Arts; Fiction, Poetry, and Playwriting at Boston University; English at City College of New York; Theatre History and Acting at both Brooklyn and Hunter Colleges in New York City; various seminars and workshops as Guest Artist at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine; Film History, Film Appreciation, and Screenwriting at Santa Monica College; Critical and Historical Studies in Film, Film and Society, Screenwriting, Aesthetics and Culture, Historical Archetypes and Mythology, and Directing Labs at The Los Angeles Film School.


As a lead transmedia professor at the Los Angeles Film School and  recognized expert in transmedia design and the author of the critically-acclaimed transmedia design books, Make Your Story Really Stinkin’ Big: How to Go From Concept to Franchise and Make Your Story Last For Generations and You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Story, Houston specializes in the development of large-scale IP that is optimized to extend into multiple platforms.


Leading a specialized creative team, Houston has spearheaded the creation of a unique, proprietary and scalable creative model that governs the full transmedia design process — the Super Story process.  Not only does this help grow and sustain an entertainment brand on a large scale, but it also creates integrated merchandising and targeted engagement opportunities that are both story-driven, wholistic and synergistic to the over-arching narrative. 


With both a background in game design and screenwriting, Houston has overseen the creation and development of multiple transmedia strategies.  In particular, he has developed transmedia concepts for brands such as Disney Imagineering, Mattel, Reliance MediaWorks/Dreamworks, Fox, Samuel Goldwyn Films,The Pretender IP.  Additionally, Houston has been sought after by organizations such as Electronic Arts to shape, govern and grow large-scale IP across multiple mediums and a variety of markets.

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